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    My husband was at an interview down the street so I had a few hours to kill in San Francisco. It was a cold, windy day so after a little wandering around I decided a pedicure would be the perfect way to pass the time and get out of the cold. I came to Yellow Orchid because it was close, had good reviews and low prices. I am very happy I did. The women working there were very nice and the one who did my pedicure did a great job. I would definitely go back again and recommend them to friends.

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    If you are looking for a convenient and inexpensive place to get your eyebrows done in the Financial District, this is the place to go. Yellow Orchid has very quick service, is reasonably priced, and does a great job on my eyebrows every time I've been there.

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    This is a great place to get an afforable mani/pedi. However, not the place to bring all of your girlfriends to get them together. They only have one manicure station, so we had to take turns. The staff was super nice and they did a great job with all of our manicures. I'd go back for sure, but this time I'd go alone.

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    I am from out of town and yelped this place. Great service and prices. Highly recommended!

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    This is my nail spot, I always come here on my lunch or after work when I need a mani or pedi. I mostly come here for convenience b/c if I could I would try to go somewhere cheaper. Don't get me wrong though, their prices are GREAT for the FiDi. In any case, I never fret too much about it b/c I know my nails will look great after my appointment here.

    I even got my nails done here for my wedding and the lady tried so hard to make sure I didn't ruin my pedicure coz I was actually stupid enough to wear closed toed flats to get them done. Nontheless, they looked great. Everytime I get my nails done here they do such a good job. Last time I got my nails done here, my mani lasted the longest it ever has! So I'm was really happy about that. I also really like the ladies here, they are so happy go lucky and sweet.

    Another thing they do is waxing. I've had my eyebrows and underarms waxed here and they always do a good job. I haven't ever had a complaint about my eyebrows getting done. So this is definitely the go to spot for all my vain needs.

    Plus they have tons of Opi colors! Yay, my favorite. Oh and last but not least, their salon is nice and CLEAN. go yellow orchid!


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    I was looking for some place locally to do my eyebrows & I came across Yellow Orchid Nails Spa here on Yelp. With the good ratings in this place, I gave out this place a shot!

    The entrance to this place is kinda skeezy, neverthless, I was greeted by this friendly Asian woman and instantaneously offered me a massage. She was slightly creepy in a way btw. LOL. After I told them that I wanted to clean up my brows, she forwarded me to Kim. Kim was really efficient on what she was doing. She finished doing my brows within 10 minutes.

    I thoroughly satisfied by the service they provide in this place. I am totally going back here again. Good job! =)

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    3 1/2 stars.

    It would have a solid four/five (I don't think I'm very discerning when it comes to these things) if it had the following:

    -The deluxe spa accommodations with the bubble jet and all.
    -better leg massage service
    -better massage chair

    The chairs are new and good, but don't really seem to do much except tickle your back. The calf massage, however, is a nice addition that no other place I've been to has had. My foot/leg massage was eh as well. And I am probably spoiled with the eucalyptus scrub that goes with the massage as well as the scented moisturizing lotion in the end. Just scrubbed and did not do much for my calluses but a thorough job on the nails, cuticles, and paint job. All for $18! The bf says you get what you pay for, and in this case I got an $18 pedicure. You really can't complain about getting your money's worth. They sold me cheap $3 slippers since it was an impromptu pedi and I wore shoes. That was a plus.